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I have received a higher technical education. For a long time I worked as a private chemical engineer at a refinery. Our production is considered high-tech as it provides a comprehensive processing of raw materials. Many items were products of explosion and fire, not to mention their toxicity. While someone is stopped when it comes to the production of chemical products but when it is on an industrial scale for the state, requisite permits are provided by the government.

Maintaining good health with my kind of job was simply impossible. However, I loved my profession and have been dedicated to the cause for quite a long time. Initially, I did not pay heed to the fact that long hours spent among petrochemical waste affected my health. Toxic compounds not only pollute the environment, they slowly poison the body of all employees. Our workers preferred to ignore the problems with their lungs, stomach, liver and heart, believing that the higher paycheck sufficiently compensated for all the health hazards. Probably it was necessary for someone to raise an alarm and I had the strength to say, "Enough. Eric, this must have something to do. " I realized that the toxins in the oil complex are having a permanent adverse effect on my health.

Literary talent of Eric P. Garvin’s presence is not apparently visible. The future author has come a long way before deciding to transfer his experience and knowledge to the pages of his books. 

Free access to the human body is provided by all, without exception. Visual comparison. Oil and its components slowly but surely penetrate into all living things. The composition of the water, air, and soil gradually introduce a real poison and begins to transform, without touching. The same happens with people. I thoroughly undermined my health and my immune system is severely weakened. During the processing of hydrocarbon oil, hydrogen sulfide is released. Their high content in the air is detrimental to heart and blood vessels, gradually decreasing the level of red blood cells. Not to mention the low hemoglobin. Victims start to suffer from ailments of the endocrine system, central nervous system, adrenal glands, thyroid, liver, lungs ... The list is endless.

In order to somehow normalize the condition of my shattered body, I started to read hundreds of documents and spend a lot of time in the library. I didn’t have laboratory rats at my disposal. I would not carry out experiments on my beloved dog for anything. The dog was certainly not to be blamed for my careless towards my own health. Therefore, I started experimenting with myself through a radical change in my diet and trying out many traditional home remedies. Of course, it was difficult. Yes, many did not help, and some "medicines" were frankly useless. I learned a lot of alternative therapies and became acquainted with the writings of scientists and medical experts. I learned a lot, understood and analyzed. My knowledge is not lost; it's, in fact, working as a solution to systematize them.

The results of all the endless experiments and research formed the basis of my first book. However, I forgot to notice the results of these experiments. My friends and acquaintances first noticed, which I never did because I was so engrossed in making changes to my health and lifestyle that I forgot to take a look in the mirror. A gaunt old man, suffering from shortness of breath and overweight, had disappeared. The first compliment I received was from the sister, which is especially nice because relatives say nice things. They are not interested in getting any kind of material gain.

Words were spoken without subtext - the truth.

I was convinced when I went to the mirror and looked at myself, not in a casual manner but in a real sense. So, my efforts were not in vain and I was on the right track.

I provided the first consultation to my sister. Candice has long suffered from excess weight and abdominal ailments. Based on her medical history, I compiled a personal diet for her. I didn’t suggest anything extraordinary. I suggested what I have tried myself. Women are poor at hiding secrets, so soon I started giving advice to her friends and their husbands. My house could not accommodate everyone who wanted to seek my advice for physical and spiritual wellness. I rented a small room, where I read notes and advised the people.

Among the people regularly attending my lectures was an editor of a major publishing house. At first, he listened in disbelief as I argued that only eating right can lead put the body in the right state. I never confronted him and kept giving my advice. After some time, this man came up and thanked me. I was surprised. It turns out that the attending physician noticed obvious improvements in his body. This fellow decided to follow my recommendations and revised diet. As a token of thanks, he proposed to present the book to the public. So my first book about healthy lifestyles and proper nutrition was published the first edition of a trial.

My books

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